MBTI - exploring personality at work

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is the world's most widely used and trusted personality tool. We generally use the more advanced and sophisticated Step2 MBTI, giving an even more powerful understanding of personality.

People have found MBTI handy for looking at how to improve team efficiency, reduce conflict and improve communications. Apart from that, it's always good to know about yourself…

Our MBTI work provides you with an interactive, engaging workshop, as well as individualised reports. Because of the massive usefulness and flexibility of the MBTI tool for looking at personality it's not possible to be specific about what we'll do, as the details change depending on what you want. Some people use MBTI simply as an exploration tool, others use it as part of on-going coaching.

What are the mechanics of MBTI

The questionnaire is carried out online.

We'll need the email of everyone involved to send them their personal MBTI sign-in. Typically MBTI takes about half an hour to complete and we'll bring reports to the workshops. Reports can be reprinted if necessary and we can provide electronic versions of the report too. We keep copies of the MBTI reports on our computers for about two months after a personality at work workshop before deleting them. At no point will we share the results of an MBTI without the permission of the person involved. We find that almost everyone choses to share their report themselves, of course...

MBTI 1 or MBTI 2

Most people have heard of the four-character summary MBTI Type. It's a great tool - but it can be limited. For senior staff or for individual work, we recommend using the more subtle MBTI Step 2, which breaks the four characters down into five subscales - giving a vastly richer understanding of personality.

If you want to know a bit more, you can email about MBTI. Note that although we're based in the northeast, we provide MBTI nationally.