Best of the rest.

I’ve spent a lot of time working as a technician in theatres. People used to say how wonderful it was that I never needed to pay to see great shows. I used to reply that I never went to the theatre any more just to watch. I was either working on the show or avoiding the show because it was a busman’s holiday. By the same principle, I sometimes forget to check out the rest of what other presentation trainers are saying…

Here’s my attempt to correct that!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Presentations Magazine – not least because they (with my permission) syndicate some of my posts from here.

Similarly, it’s impossible not to recommend the lovely Nancy Duarte’s blog. Nancy was responsible for The Inconvenient Truth and her books are excellent. To be recommended!

Charles Greene III (I love how Americans name their children like that – the same way a we name our royalty here in the UK :) ) writes a weekly tip, a lot of which I think are absolutely great. Like me, he avoids the clinched lines such as “never use more than three words on a powerpoint bullet point” in favour of things a bit more generally applicable and universal.

Of my own recent posts, my personal favorite (though by no means at all the most popular with everyone else!) was an observation about how slides should be as easy to understand as road signs.

Another Simon (Morton) write at Eyeful presentations. They do good work in terms of PowerPoint design. It’s very complementary to what I cover here, being much more focussed on the mechanics of a good slide deck. There’s a bit of “about the company and how cool we are” too – just like us ;)

Olivia Mitchell over at “Speaking About Presenting” almost always writes good, well researched stuff. (When I say ‘almost’ I’m just covering my back, I’ve never known her to not to! :) ). It’s a very human blog, too.

Time to admit the obvious: the 300lb silverback gorilla of presentation blogs is Presentation Zen. Whatever you’re doing right now, stop. Spend some time there. You hear me?


Okay – I make no claim that this list is comprehensive. Or even authoritative… it’s personal… it’s where I spend some time whenever I can (and remember). It’s also biased by the fact that for various personal reasons I’m fraying at the edges here and running on not enough sleep… so I’ve missed some but my brain hurts.

By all means chip in with your own suggestions!

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