A bit about us and how we work!

It’s always difficult to get a feel for a training company. What if you turn up to the training and it’s boring – or worse, wrong?! It’s not as if it’s just the cringe of the day itself is it.. at the back of your mind is the knowledge that all the time you’re doing this, your work is piling up back on your desk.

We don’t expect you to just leap in!

Instead, we’ve put together a couple of little demos of how we work, so that you’ll have a better idea of if we’re right for you, and what to expect. (Note, if you’re using Chrome, you may need to hit ‘refresh’ for them to show.)

… oh yes; a word of warning – the first presentation has music: don’t annoy your neighbours!

One last comment: just because we don’t take ourselves too seriously, don’t get the impression we’re not absolutely serious about what we do. Everything we give you is researched, checked and validated – no fads for us! – but explained entertaining ways. That means you can use it, not just listen to the training!

How do you know if we’re the right company?

How do we know our training is right (and right for you!)?

And what about the trainers?

SR 035-EditMost of our public sector training is given by Simon Raybould. Simon’s before being a trainer, Simon was a university researcher (his PhD is into the environmental causes of childhood cancer), fire-eater and a lighting designer for dance companies. He’s also written a couple of books. Currently he lives in Newcastle with his wife and (occasionally) his daughters (when they want something).

Lydia by Steve Gart 2006Simon is backed up for the public sector work by Lydia. Lyd’s background is in arts administration and communication/PR. Before working as a trainer she worked as a temp, in bars, with various PR agencies, ran an art gallery and as Special Projects Officer for the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts!

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