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Training checklists…

Readers of our other blogs will know that we’re not too keen on what we call WIKI-trainers. That is, trainers who know something about their subject but not about training. The risk is that they shoe-horn their trainees into ‘their’ way of doing things, whether or not it’s the right way for their client.

However, in the real world, I recognise that all too often people are cornered into doing some internal training at work by their boss. With that in mind, I hope this checklist proves useful… it’s not comprehensive, of course (no list could be) but it might be handy for the ‘occasional presenter/trainer’ for things to have checked before they start.

What other stuff do you check before you start training? :)

Stress and the book launch!

Okay, okay, it’s late.  But not very late.

Simon’s new book should have been available today but it isn’t – sorry!

So where is it?  It’s out at review… means it’s not far away at all, and that means that if you want to be right at the front of the queue you can let us know and we’ll email you personally when it’s finally(!) released.

The plan is that this short book (it’s under 50 sides of A4) will take a lot of the stress out of designing (and delivering presentations). Of course, presenting will always be a cause of stress, but a lot of the stress-management tools we talk about will help there, too! :)

In other news, we’re also working on an audio of Bamboo and Oak, our big stress-buster presentation. It’s being edited at the moment and should be available over the summer at some point.

In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine (it won’t last!)

Presentations and confidence in Oxford

Hospital entrance

Hospital Entrance

Some social responsibility news! Anyone who’s worked with us for a long time knows about our social responsibility programme (we call it our 13% policy) and as part of that we’ve just agreed to do two workshops for the Thames Valley Cancer Network at the John Radcliffe Hospital over the next couple of weeks.

We’re going to be doing a workshop session on confidence & resilience and another on presentation skills.

And at the same time stay with friends… what could be better! :)