Fancy 60 tips and articles in 30 days?


Tips author, Simon Raybould…. and he’s even more good looking in real life. Honest.

If you’ve enjoyed the blog tips here, would you like a massive 60 new tips, emailed to you over a month?  Yup, that’s…
60 rock ‘n’ roll presentation mini articles, emailed to you over a month.

Each day contains one to three tips based on nearly ten years as presentation trainers and professional public speakers. These are the things we do ourselves – it’s not just theory!

The tips themselves are mini-articles – up to half an A4 side, so it’s not your flash-in-the-pan thought Enjoy them!

Is there a catch?  A tiny one. There are about four times over the month when we’ll ask you if you want to buy a book as well as give you the tips for that day. If you do, we make money and can pay the heating bills this month and if you don’t, the tips just keep coming. :)signature_scaned

And we promise the ads won’t get in the way. We’re not like that.


All you have to do is put your name and email address in the spaces here, then sit back and wait; the goodness starts the next day.