First time here?

Here’s the formal background, then!

This is the presentation skills blog from Aware Plus. Aware Plus are specialists in soft skills training, including (obviously!) presentations. It’s presentations we’re particularly famous for.

Presentations and public speaking scare the hell out of most people (and most of the people who aren’t afraid, should be, ‘cos they’re rubbish! ;) ) and this blog aims to help – simple as that. Enjoy!

simon-presentations-trainerThe blog itself is usually written by Simon. (I’m writing about myself in the third person here, how pretentious!). I’m exactly six feet tall, devastatingly good looking and witty. I’ve got a PhD and I spent over 24 years as a researcher at universities before I moved into training.

I try and post once a week – but there’s tremendous variation as work tends to get in the way. One of the reasons there’s such variation is things like my latest book. It’s called Presentation Genius and it’s published (by Hodder & Stoughton). For a while it gloried in position six in the Business Bestsellers list!

What else is important? Well, if you’re interested, the PhD was looking at the causes of childhood leaukemias, using new statistical techniques I had to invent. If you want to know more  you only have to ask… though heaven knows why you’d be interested.

Last thing before I go… with my tongue very firmly in my cheek, I’ve put up a series of videos on YouTube which contain completely unedited presentation tips.   And I really, really do mean unedited! Enjoy there here. And did I say unedited enough? ;)