30 presentation posts

You might have noticed, but I’ve been posting more, recently. In fact for the last month I’ve taken on Sarah Arrow’s 30 day challenge. The idea is to write thirty blog posts in as many […]

Good question. I can’t be sure, but I’m reasonably certain it was Guy Kawasaki who suggested dressing one level of formality above your audience. The need for being more formal is to give yourself a […]

Simple presentation idea

Such a simple one this…. If you’re teaching your child to tell the time, which type of watchface would you use? It’s not a hard choice, is it?! You’d start with the watch on the left […]

One of my favourite rules for presenting is (with apologies to the plenty of great places to work out there) simply to “Never trust the venue”. Here’s why… I arrived at 8:15 or a 9:30 […]

Presentation energy

I’m often asked how long a presentation should be. The answer is, unhelpfully, as long as it needs to be and as short as it can be. Each presentation and each audience is different. Each […]

An exit round

Presentations are often business affairs. And as such, it’s unusual to get an exit round. What’s an exit round? It’s an actors’ term for a round of applause that happens when the actor leaves the […]

The presentation waltz

A few posts ago, I used an analogy for how a presenter should treat his or her audience, which got some nice feedback. I suggested that a presentation is like a dance (I had a […]

What the voc(ative)?

Casting my mind back to my schooldays, I remember something called the ‘Vocative’. It’s a particular use of a word as an address (or something like that).  So saying “The coat belongs to Simon” wouldn’t […]

There’s a lot of stuff around blaming PowerPoint for bad presentations and I recently found another example of what are – undoubtedly – spectacularly bad slides (http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2015/02/powerpoint-slides-pentagon-ash-carter). But I’m not sure I agree with the […]

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