A yes, I’m glad you asked! The explanation is here. To cut a long story short, I couldn’t keep up two separate blogs – I’m just too busy. And a recent hack (I hope the […]

The Colon Technique Figuring out what to say in your 60 seconds of fame can be tricky – sometimes almost impossible. Fortunately there’s a simple technique that makes it (a lot!) easier. All you have […]

Hallow’een is all about the fear.  So in confidence month it’s natural to take on the fear, right? Yes, I know, this blog hasn’t been updated in October, but that’s because of that epic project over […]

Confidence Month

I’m sorry, I’m sorry!  I’ve missed blogging.  Why?  Because we’ve been running #ConfidenceMonth. So far we’ve put out about a million tweets with confidence tips, lots of short, sharp videotips (https://www.youtube.com/presentationgeniusinfo) and half a dozen […]

As well as writing here, and over at the presentation genius blog, I write a lot of guest blogs here and there. (By the way, checkout the Confidence Month over at the PG site, it’s […]

I’m not a happy man – some of my presentation colleagues bug me Silly pictures like this are one of the reasons. (Other reasons include talking tosh! ;) ) Why? As Shakespeare once wrote, let […]

I’m looking at Visme here – new kind on the block in many ways.  So new, in fact, the beta flag is still flying.  Why am I looking in detail at what’s experimental software? Basically […]

I’ve been playing for a while with alternatives to PowerPoint (or Keynote, which is what I use). Some of my clients have been asking for something more convenient, more innovative and more, well, fun… Well […]

Presenters as dancers

I used to tour as the technical director of a dance company. Don’t get excited – it’s not as glamorous as it sounds. It means I was responsible for the lights, sound, video and dancefloor […]

Last week I talked about how to structure your presentations, starting from scratch. Essentially you go old-school (analogue) and use paper-based tools to let the structure emerge. But let’s face it, presentations aren’t just about you […]

  In a little while I’m going to give a presentation I’ve never given before – and it’s not one I’m likely ever to give again.   I’ve been asked by a school to give […]

I’ve just read the title of an article in Linked-In: How to make education great again. It’s an interesting title and it got my attention.  I even clicked to read it – but then stopped… […]

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