There’s a lot of stuff around blaming PowerPoint for bad presentations and I recently found another example of what are – undoubtedly – spectacularly bad slides ( But I’m not sure I agree with the […]

Naked presentations

Amongst presenters and professional speakers there’s a jargon term for delivering without slides, props or other help: it’s called “doing it naked”. (Even good professionals get nervous and prefer some clothing.) And there’s some well-meaning […]

It’s not unusual for us to get full marks from participants in our presentations training. We even got called “the best trainer I have ever encountered“ in one spontaneous email. My three favourite bits of […]

Presentation Genius

Like the new title for the book? Presentation Genius.   Far better, I think, than “The science of presenting”. Much snappier. I wish I could take credit, but it was the idea of Iain, my […]

Critical distance – part three

In the first two parts of this short series (wrapped up here) I looked at the importance of getting distance to give yourself objectivity, so you could figure out what your audience needed in part […]

After something of a hiatus in which we’ve had to move the blog hosting and a dozen other things (thanks 123-reg, for being pretty darn close to useless, and thank you to Babs Saul for […]

Best of the rest.

I’ve spent a lot of time working as a technician in theatres. People used to say how wonderful it was that I never needed to pay to see great shows. I used to reply that I […]

Presentations and public speaking doesn’t need a lot of kit – laptop and your brain are all you typically need… or at least that’s what you might think. Over the last ten years I’ve added […]

Okay, so you know we do presentation skills training, right? What you probably don’t know is our relatively strict policy on who we won’t train. Here you go… Politics, religion and so on We believe […]

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