Over at our new Presentation Genius youtube channel , there are a few new videos and a few playlists you might like handy. We’re gradually developing some longer form videos to explore and explain things but […]

Become a presentation genius!

Forgive me – this post is a blatant plug… but I’m pretty excited about it! We’ve just launched our Presentation Genius Open Course programme! (And what’s more, this is the 500th post here on the Presentation […]

Panic-order presentations!

I’m often asked about how to make a presentation at short notice. In particular, clients ask me about how to deliver a presentation their boss wrote but now isn’t going to deliver. The scenario often […]

I’m not a particular fan of country music. I don’t go out of my way to avoid it, but I’m not a particular fan. I’ll listen to it if it’s on (usually) but I don’t […]

Whatever model of psychometrics you subscribe to (or none!), it’s a truth universally acknowledged (to abuse Jane Austin) that your audience will consist of different types of people, with different personalities. For the sake of […]

Not too long ago, I wrote a fairly hard-hitting blog post about the idea that if you can’t explain your ideas in a presentation it might not be presentation skills training that you need. It […]

Feedback? No thanks.

Okay, the title is a tiny bit like link-bait – sorry! :) Obviously it’s important to get feedback on your presentation. After all, otherwise you’ll never know what’s working and what isn’t. Right? Well sort […]

Credibility Statements

I’ve been travelling far and wide up and down the country, and I’m so very glad for the bluetooth in my car to keep me educated and entertained as I travel. Way down in the […]

Well, I’ve got my copy! ;) I must admit I’m remarkably proud of it… even just flipping through it again I found there was stuff in their I’d forgotten I’d included but smiled about ‘cos […]

Okay, okay, so July isn’t really the end of the year… but I founded this company at a certain time of year, so it’s the end of my financial year coming up. And – like […]

I’ve been working on some pretty high-power pitch presentations with clients recently. Normally we work by training people in how to make their own presentations, because that’s better value for money for them – it […]

Presentation Genius

The new book, Presentation Genius, is nearly here. It’s due out in about six weeks from now, at the end of July. You’ll already know the new website is up and running at presentationgenius.info. (If […]

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Presentation Genius is launched!

cover_cropOver at PresentationGenius.info we’ve just launched the new book. What’s not to love?! It’s 40 short, sharp chapters of the science of presentations… no opinions, just the researched facts of what works!

If you get yourself a copy via this page I get 6% of the income… enough to pay for the electricity on this site while you buy it!  Go on, you know you want to!