Confidence Month

I’m sorry, I’m sorry!  I’ve missed blogging.  Why?  Because we’ve been running #ConfidenceMonth. So far we’ve put out about a million tweets with confidence tips, lots of short, sharp videotips ( and half a dozen […]

As well as writing here, and over at the presentation genius blog, I write a lot of guest blogs here and there. (By the way, checkout the Confidence Month over at the PG site, it’s […]

I’m not a happy man – some of my presentation colleagues bug me Silly pictures like this are one of the reasons. (Other reasons include talking tosh! ;) ) Why? As Shakespeare once wrote, let […]

I’m looking at Visme here – new kind on the block in many ways.  So new, in fact, the beta flag is still flying.  Why am I looking in detail at what’s experimental software? Basically […]

I’ve been playing for a while with alternatives to PowerPoint (or Keynote, which is what I use). Some of my clients have been asking for something more convenient, more innovative and more, well, fun… Well […]

Presenters as dancers

I used to tour as the technical director of a dance company. Don’t get excited – it’s not as glamorous as it sounds. It means I was responsible for the lights, sound, video and dancefloor […]

Last week I talked about how to structure your presentations, starting from scratch. Essentially you go old-school (analogue) and use paper-based tools to let the structure emerge. But let’s face it, presentations aren’t just about you […]

  In a little while I’m going to give a presentation I’ve never given before – and it’s not one I’m likely ever to give again.   I’ve been asked by a school to give […]

I’ve just read the title of an article in Linked-In: How to make education great again. It’s an interesting title and it got my attention.  I even clicked to read it – but then stopped… […]

Barely a week goes by that I don’t get asked by someone, somewhere to review something. Usually I politely decline because it’s either not my cup of tea or not very good. I feed back […]

I posted recently about where we were with our online training package… but what I didn’t tell you was what is in the package. Simple – as much as we can fit in :) Oh? […]

All too often I see presenters just metaphorically throw information at their audiences and hope some of it will stick (if they think about their audiences at all). They key is to remember that there’s […]

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