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Pick your Picture

Pretty much the whole of the online public speaking advice community has spent the last months (years?!) banging on about less text. Few bullet points with fewer words! Images are the way forward! For people […]

A Musical intro…..

In the past, I’ve read in various places suggestions and claims that music, and in particular Mozart, stimulates people’s brains. It’s been associated with everything from better surgery to smarter kids. (I’m drafting this with […]

David Beckham

Radio 1 is currently on in our house (teenage daughters, don’t ask!) and Scot Mills is running a bit of a feature about describing David Beckham. The core of the idea is to guess how […]

I’ve just uploaded two presentations documents onto for download. (Do a search on my name). It’s the first time I’ve tried using docstoc, so it’s a bit of an experiment. Ones about things you […]

Over the shoulder ?

Anyone who’s ever read even the most basic of tips-for-public-speaking will have read this simple tip… if you’re using PowerPoint (or anything similar such as Keynote) don’t face the screen; face your audience instead. It’s […]

… and breathe…

One of the biggest reasons people book themselves onto our public presentation skills courses is their fear of presenting – there are lots of techniques we cover on these days, but some of them need […]

It’s not going to happen, I know it’s not going to happen (and if it did, I’d be out of a job) but one of the things I’d love to see this New Year is […]

Getting in order

Suppose your presentation is in the form of a sales pitch (AKA a Beauty Pageant) where there are a few of you all pitching for the same contract. Should you try and pitch first, last […]

Details – or not….?

Laura Bergells’ Maniactive blog is a load of fun and as full of sensible stuff as you can reasonably expect! I want you to remember that because a lot of this post is going to […]

Just typical…..

I know I could be accused of disliking Windows as an OS (I only use mine for games) and for not liking PowerPoint in particular (not because it’s inherently evil, just because it’s not well […]

Networking is a way of life for some people. For most of us though it’s a necessary chore. For others still it’s their worst nightmare. Whatever your level of “assurance” it’s a real test of […]

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