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We’re all grown up!

As some of you may have noticed if you’ve evern looked at the Curved Vison homepage (rather than just this blog), you’ll know that Curved Vision is now part of Aware Plus Ltd. Being part […]

design them instead. I find that I’m continually being asked by people for advice on how to write their presentations and almost inevitably these people are wedded to the million-words-per-slide-in-lots-of-bullet-points school. It’s got to the […]

When he was on his way to be executed, so the story goes, Charles I insisted on wearing a second vest to make absolutely sure he didn’t shiver with cold – he didn’t want people […]

Bad Habits

I’m not thinking here of a monk’s washing…. I’m more thinking of the kinds of phrases that have become so popular they annoy people. (Worse, they might even be nonsense phrases to begin with.) Oxford […]

Video tip time

I have to apologise for not posting for a while – I’ve been snowed under and my spare moments at work have been taken up devising a video presentation tip for youtube about how to […]

Actually, these aren’t American tips at all – they’re not even tips for American in particular, but they’re tips I wrote (in a hurry) for an American newspaper which needed some tips in a hurry […]

Rather like an elephant, you know it when you see it. For me, presentations are about two things penetration – getting something into someone’s head; and retention – making sure it stays there. One of […]

Are they the same thing? Well there are certainly lots of elements in common – the need to be heard, the need to be seen as credible etc. so many of the skills of one […]

Recently, I seem to have heard lots of people, in various places, saying that they don’t understand why they’re nervous or anxious when they make presentations because they’re confident and they know their stuff. Well, […]

Anita’s oranges

This is a really, really simple tip about using your voice well when you’re public speaking or making presentations…. by hitting a word in a sentence with extra weight you give your audience a comparator […]


I recently did an interview which I posted about here and that reminded me I’d be somewhat tardy in not mentioning to you a written presentation I did a few months ago. I mentioned here […]

….well, I hope they’re words of wisdom at least, because they’re mine! :) Not long ago I did an interview for Jeff Smith, a consultant to the motor trade about presentation skills for managers and […]

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