are never as good as mine! Actually, this stuff is great. Nice, clean simple and obvious – like all the best tips. I particularly like the ideas about starting with a big sheet of paper […]

Presenting is a tricky thing, isn’t it?  The pitfalls are many – and sometimes the things that go wrong aren’t always your fault.  Sometimes it’s just things like a venue with shockingly bad accoustics. I’ve […]

Away with words

Here’s a really (and I mean really) simple tip for helping with your PowerPoint presentations. Take the damned words out! Leave only the barest of essentials. Why? Because it increases your audience’s ability to do […]

We’ve just finished GCSEs in our house. Of the whole family, there’s only one of us who was sitting the exams, but we were all nervous! Some of us have more reason than others: unfortunately, […]

Following on from a presentation I’ve just given at ITWORKS2006 I took a stroll around the stands. I walked around for nearly 30 minutes and only one person spoke to me (and she was a […]

As a voice & presentation skills trainer there’s a big news story around at the moment – Bill Gates is stepping down from Microsoft. It’ll be interesting to see what happens to his software design. […]

The beginning of things is a fine time to get things right. So it is with buildings, plans, articles and – more importantly – blogs. I’m going to be writing about communicating with people in […]

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