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Design, don’t write

I recently had a stand next to Pulse creative marketing. I can’t claim to be best buddies, but we get on – nice folk! And as you’d expect, their stand was engaging and classy. And […]

How am I not at my best? The question, of course, is how to make a good presentation even if you’re not up for it.  We’ve all had to handle injuries or illness at some […]

Catch the apple

Another video log from me this week!   A bit of a rant at the start ;)

Hi. Almost no writing from me this week! ;)   That’s because last week I did two, full hour interviews on blab about presenting and stuff.  This first one, with Steven Healey is (almost all) […]

I was working with a group recently (on a more general communications course, rather than presenting) and one of the participants on the course mentioned that her boss had told her that her slides should […]

MBTI Presentations

I’m as qualified as you can get in the psychometric instrument called the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and very experience. (Side note: if you read anything which talks about the test, stop reading; it means […]

Presentations are like sex

I think this joke belongs to Goldie Hawn: “My doctor sex is bad for one… but for two, it’s great!” Let’s fact it, presentations are a bit like that… they can be done alone, but […]

Why present?

Actually, that title might be something of a misleading one, because the question in my mind isn’t just about presenting, it’s about communicating. Presenting being one type/form of presenting the rules about communicating in general […]

Bible stores and presentations

Before we go any further, check out The Bible – book of Mark, Chapter 4; verses 1 to 20.  It’s the parable of the farmer who casts seed onto the land.  Some of it lands […]

Where the hell are we?

Sometimes the context is everything. Sometimes you need to have the background before you can make things work for you. Sometimes it’s just so very much more simple to know what you’re supposed to think […]

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