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I’ve been working on some pretty high-power pitch presentations with clients recently. Normally we work by training people in how to make their own presentations, because that’s better value for money for them – it […]

Presentation Genius

The new book, Presentation Genius, is nearly here. It’s due out in about six weeks from now, at the end of July. You’ll already know the new website is up and running at (If […]

Bit of a brief blog post this week – sorry; we’ve been absolutely flat out with the big charity cycle stuff we did over the weekend… it still hurts to walk and personally I can’t […]

Presenter’s week

A little while ago I shared a peek behind the curtain about how we (and me personally) kept on top of our workload as presenters, presentation trainers, a small business and, well, frankly… just people! […]

It’s been a busy ol’ month! The publication date of Presentation Genius is getting closer and closer… So what’s the word about it?  Well it’s big news. The Presentation Genius website went live this week. […]

Presentations should change the world – or at least your little part of it.  Something should be different by the end of it, compared to the start of it. Otherwise you’ve just wasted everyone’s time. […]

Calling all charities (and things which work or act like charities!) in the north east of England… I’m doing a presentation skills training session with VODA in June. You can see the first of a series of […]

I’m a professional speaker and presentations trainer. And author. And father and husband. My life isn’t structured, but it’s full on. Really, really full on. As a result I rely on a number of bits […]

Not long ago I asked in one of the remarkable Sarah Arrow’s private groups what people needed to know about when it comes to presentations. I got a lot of questions: this blog is a […]

Parc your presentations

With thanks to my friend Lydia Bates, who devised the original formula, I’d like to introduce the acronym PARC. it’s the best ways we’ve found for structuring the process of designing your presentation and documents […]

Things I have learned

It’s been a bonkers month here. Illness and injury abound, with several people in hospital for several weeks. Not my fault, I promise – I didn’t put them there. In amongst all of this I […]

30 presentation posts

You might have noticed, but I’ve been posting more, recently. In fact for the last month I’ve taken on Sarah Arrow’s 30 day challenge. The idea is to write thirty blog posts in as many […]

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