Become a presentation genius!

Forgive me – this post is a blatant plug… but I’m pretty excited about it! We’ve just launched our Presentation Genius Open Course programme! (And what’s more, this is the 500th post here on the Presentation Skills Blog, so it seemed appropriate to celebrate in style!)biscuit_factory

We’re starting in Newcastle, in the new year, in this lovely arts venue (the Biscuit Factory is a commercial gallery as well as a conference venue). We’ll be touring the courses over the months, but for now it’s Newcastle, in January!  If you’ve liked the posts here – or those over at – and you want to make better presentations, then this is where you need to be.

There are only 12 places on the course, and only four of them have the early bird discount. Still here?  You need to be over at the booking page where you can get all the details you need and grab your ticket.

Seriously, this will sell out. So go there… now! ;)

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