Casio’s presentations report

casio_reportLast month (July 2013) Casio produced a fascinating research paper about presentations and how important they are… Okay, so they’re going to have a vested interest but it makes for interesting reading never the less.

[callout title=A quick aside]Yes, I know – with a vested interest we can’t be sure that the information is reliable… and speaking as a statistician (cured) I can also point out that their sample is more than a bit dodgy, but it’s handy to look at if you hold those caveats in your head.[/callout]

For example, a huge 84% of respondents said it was very important for startups and their companies to have good presentation skills. (Respondents were a selection of 250 senior UK executives, by the way.) ┬áIt’s only a few pages, so it won’t take you long – it might be worth a quick download… and it’ll give you something to wave at your boss when you ask for funding to come on our training! :)

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