Explaining a tweet about presenting

Not long ago, I tweeted

Presentation tip. If someone else can present using your slides, from cold, they’re bad slides! ;)

It’s not the easiest tip to get your brain around, I admit, but for something with only 140 characters it’s got some traction.

bulletspoint_slideSo what was my thinking there?

It’s pretty simple, to be honest. We all know that slides crowded with information are worse than useless – they’re actually counter-productive. If you’re not convinced, take a look at a typically bad slide and see how many of them you could sit through without losing the will to live… or in exceptional circumstances without losing the will for the presenter to live! :)

And yet… this kind of slide is (usually) created because the author feels the need to have all the information there so that they don’t have to remember anything.

… which helps if you’re going to give your slides to someone else to present from, of course!

Which was the point of my tweet. If someone else can use your slides it’s usually because they contain all the information: and that means they’re bad slides. If you can email another presenter the slides, why don’t you just save everyone the time, energy and effort and send the slides directly to the audience, so they don’t have to waste their time coming to the presentation?!


Yes, okay, I’m over slimplifying to make a point… but in general terms, are you with me?

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  1. Yeah ! Simon this is so true if slides can convey your story than why do we need a presenter to give present and consume our precious time.
    Thanks for sharing this important piece of information with us

    authorSTREAM Team

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